Diy ovascope


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May 25, 2015
So I could not find any tutorials for homemade ovascope, but needed one for my daughters preschool, since it was not feasible (or probably legal in this day and age) to cram ito a closet with 13 5 year olds. The brinsea one looks great, but could not justify the cost for 5 minutes of candling, so I made one myself! I took a $4 canister table light from lowes, with a $4 1600 lumens led bulb, and put in inside an upside down trader joes coffee can with a hole drilled in the bottom (now the top). I drilled a hole for the cord, covered the extra space with electrical tape, and snapped the plastic lid of the can back on (now the bottom). Then I drilled a hole in the bottom of an empty egg holder from our egg turner, and epoxy'd that on to the hole (kids are clumsy!) to hold the egg in place. (I cut the shorter pegs off the holder so the egg can sit more flush to the light hole.) Then I covered that in electrical tape to reduce light refraction. Next, for the ovascope part, I used a can opener to take the bottom of a loose leaf tea container that had a handy lid with a clear viewing area, and lined the inside with electrical tape. Then I set that on top of the candler with the egg, and voila! A cheap and easy way to candle an egg without a dark room!

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