Do all drakes have a drake feather?


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Jun 2, 2010
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I started out with 3 ducks, got them as presents at eastertime this year. As they grew we thought we had 2 girls and 1 boy, as 1 of them definately had a drake feather, and as they got older, when I let them out every morning, they would head straight to their pool, and the male would mate(I thought both of the girls but now I'm not sure?) They are Peking ducks and the 3 of them looked exactly the same except the "drake" Feather on the one. WEll about 3 weeks ago, we lost 1 duck and 1 hen, we think to a fox or coyote, because they were just gone, not even a feather left behind.
So now there are what I thought were the 2 girls left, but this morning, when they came out the one got on top of the other! I just stood there dumbfounded and watched and thought, ok, thats why there has only been 1 egg every morning for the last month, BECAUSE THERE IS ONLY 1 GIRL! But no drake feather?
So do all males have a drake feather or just some?
They should have a drake feather at some point. Right now all of mine are moulting and none have their drake feathers anymore. They all had them in the spring.
None of mine have the curly feather but I have been looking for it
I am guessing mine are too young still (mid aug is when they were born) But the Pekins look BIG and most have the quack or the raspy voice. I have at least one that still has a peep type of voice. I am trying to figure out the welsh harlequin's voices as well as the mallards but they are proving to be hard to catch.

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