Do all ducks get along?


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I picked up 4 Mallard ducklings from TSC a few days ago.....they were too cute to resist. This is my 1st time with ducks (I have 12 chickens). I picked up the "Barnyard in your Backyard" book today and see that Campbells are great for egg laying. Will the Mallards and Campbells get along? And with the chickens too? Thanks
They should get along with the campbells. Sure, there might be a chance of one of them disliking a certain individual, etc, but they should be OK. And, as long as the have enough room, they'll probably be OK with the chickens, though some people do have some problems with ducks and chickens together.
I have room in the barn to make them their own coop, but the chicken coop is so big and I only have 12 chickens. I figure that if they can get a long, it's less work for me, and the money can be spent on a pond for them.
I'm new to the duck world & I've had my ducks since in the Summer. We had gotten a pair (Drake&Hen) Rouen Ducks and 1 Golden Cascade (Hen) all from one person then right after got a Drake Golden Cascade from the pet store. They all seemed to get along great even with the 4 chickens we have till the Golden Cascade (Drake) decided he prefers Chickens instead of his own. The GC kept Raping this one certain chicken, so we now have the Chickens/Ducks separated. The GC stays right at the fence, not ever taking his eyes off the chickens & not paying any attention to his own. Soon after is when the Rouen pair started being mean, picking on the Drake GC. Mostly the Rouen Drake is Real mean to him & now I added a short fence to separate the GC Drake on one side & the other 3 on the other side. But, two days ago the Rouen Drake started biting the GC Hen's neck, he would chase & bite her till I yelled at him to stop/be nice. Thought he wanted to breed her but he didn't & he had the opportunity at that time, so I put her on the other side with her own. So far, so good. The Rouen Ducks Are pool Hogs too. lol ~Good luck with your new duckies ~ Julie
Hello! I am new to the duck world as well! We bought 4 Khakis and 1 Black Runner back in September when they were about 3 weeks old. Two of the Khakis were females, two were males, and the runner is a male. Sadly one of our females died suddenly when she was about two months old.

At that time we decided to get a few more females. We went to pick up more Khakis about an hour from our home, but when we got there we discovered that they were a buff colored duck. They are the same body shape as my Khakis, but are not colored like Khakis. But, since we were anxious to have more adult females, we brought them home. They took a little bit to work out the pecking order, but have been getting along with the other ducks just fine. The males and buff females have begun to mate frequently, but the Khaki female must not be quite old enough.

My question is...for the last two days one of my Khaki drakes has been chasing one of the buff colored females away from the rest of the ducks. They other ducks don't seem to mind her being around, and she is not showing any signs of illness. I was concerned last night when I went to put them in their house that he would be aggressive during the night. They came out of the house fine this morning, but he has really been chasing her today. I am not sure why he is doing this and what I should do about it.

I would appreciate any suggestions!
Thank you!!
Are you 100% sure she is a female? It sounds like a drake and drake aggression. Otherwise if she is 100% female, my Rouen Drake is the same way with one of our Pekins she doesn't want to be mated by him and just runs away as he will chase her down trying to mount and grab her neck its pretty sad. Least it doesn't last all day.
You know, we have been wondering about the female/male thing. Here is why. Both buff ducks do not have curled tail feathers and sound more 'quacky', but they also will both 'mount' other ducks. We have been wondering if they are 'gender confused' or if this is a dominance thing? We have seen both of the buff ducks being mated, and both of them on top of each other as well. Ideas on this??
Any ideas on what I should do? Do I just let it go, or should I put the drake in a pen for a day to let him 'cool off'? Also, how concerned should I be when I lock them into their house at night? It is only about 4'x5'.
A picture may help here's an example of one of my pekins that will actually have a curled tail then it falls off and he looks like a duck, we still are unsure but I am pretty sure hes a boy he mounts one of the pekins but its very rare. My other 2 drakes will stick there necks out at him also.


Right now the pekin does not even have a curl its gone... But I am pretty sure he is a boy!

I am sure shes fine in the pen and you will have some aggression during mating season, as long as you see no blood, no wounds I wouldn't worry to much I think the drake is trying to show dominance towards her and mate with her and she doesn't want anything to do with it. It will calm down once mating seasons over.

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