Do all goats do this ?

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    Well I have 2, 7 month old pygmy goats (male and a female) and today is my bday and my dad said I could get to more babies since we are fencing in our yard so I went to this man who has a buisness in selling and raising pygmy and boer goats which is who I bought my other two from anyways he
    only had 1, 2 month old baby doe left so I took it he said I could put it in with the other two but they may head butt it for a day or two and just what he said was true the buck loves it snuggles with it but the female is ticked and sometimes headbutts it if it gets to close he said it will be fine but do you think the little one will be ok he is a man who knows a lot about goats
    but just in case he is wrong if you don't know plz don't answer
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    Apr 6, 2009
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    My pygmies head butt each other all the time; they have been doing it for years. No one has ever gotten hurt. I have had newborns in the pen several times and sometimes the older goats butt them but they have never hurt them. Even the ones with horns really don't hurt each other. It's just a way of establishing order in the pen.
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    I would at least put a fence between them for about a week so they can get used to each other or they might gang up on her and intimidate her by butting her too much and they will run her off her food which she needs right now. They will butt heads as that is how they determine pecking order but she is too small right now. Also when you let her in with them I would separate them at night.
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    Do you have all your goats running together? Is your buck wethered? If not I would seperate your buck from your does. He can and will inpregnate your 6 mth old doe and she is way to young to be pregnant.
  5. farmerpete

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    From famerpete . Hi, I raise goats also. don't worry about the head butting from the other goat. That is normal. We have a black spanish goat thats very loveable, she was here first and she lets our other goats know it , especially when its feeding time or when I give them treats. We have three nubiens and a pigmy that gave birth to twins. Our black spanish goat has given us several babys over the past two yrs. and she knows she's at the top of the "pecking order". We also have 24 buff orphs. , 24 white leghorns, 2 guineas , three black jersey giants, and two pigs.
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    Apr 30, 2009
    Lakewood best site about goat behavior helped me out a whole bunch, however it sounds completely normal to me.
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    Quote:Ditto...I completely agree with Chatychick [​IMG]
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    Um cluckychick she is actually 7 mths and the dude who raises and shows them says at 7-8 months she can have babies and he has 100s
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    She can have babies that young but she really shouldn't/ I always wait until they are 18-24 months olf before I breed them. She is still growing at that age. Pregnancy is too stressful.
  10. aaronzclark

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    ya I would not want her to die but I just hope she is not pregnant because he has tried to ride her I don't know if she is or not I was just going by what he said

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