Do any of you write blogs?


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Hi all,

Just curious if any of you blog about your chicken adventures or other aspects of your lives/topics you're interested in. I just started one yesterday, mainly as a way to keep myself sane while i slog through grad school. I'm hoping it will help me stay connected with and get more in tune with my hobbies (gardening, chickens, organic agriculture and international development) or at least allow me fantasize about my future farm... I'm also hoping to put it to good use, you know, educate people about urban farming and whatever else i think i know something about.

Do any of you bloggers have tips for making a blog educational and helpful, all the while entertaining?

Thanks! Hope all is well!
I write about everything under the sun

Mostly just about the going ons in my life-kids, animals, activites, etc

Don't know how many people actually care, but for me it is a release more than anything.
I don't currently have one, but do have a couple of dozen BYCers begging me to start one, since half the stuff I write here is amusing but a little "too controversial".
I'd love to start one up where I wouldn't be censored. Mine wouldn't be a chicken blog, but more of a "Life in My Small Town" blog, a town which seems to offer an endless supply of material!
I'm adding ya'll to my blog so that I can find you from there! Please add me too!

<<<-------------- See the blog address for my blog in the side bar? (Click on "Website")
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I'd love to have a blog to post all of my writing and fangirl moments, but I'm not sure if that would violate any rules.
Blogging is one of my part-time hobbies. Yael Thorn is the not-so fictional character portrayed as the writer, mostly out of a point of view of our Boxer Yael. The only problem is I don't get much time to keep updating my blog...less BYC?...nah.

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