Do baby chicks see very well at night?


8 Years
Nov 3, 2011
I have 3 silkies that are 4 weeks old. Their in a broader and I removed the heat lamp as the same temperature (72'-77' give or take) in my house which they are indoors.
Their fine with the temperature but can they see very well in the dark or should there be a little night light on at a distance so they can somewhat see to go to their food or water? Do they eat at night or sleep the whole night thru?
In general, chickens see poorly in the dark. I chose to mimic the natural patterns of light and dark in my brooder so as to not shock the babies when they finally did go outside. I used a ceramic heat emitter instead of a lightbulb, and used ambiant room lighting on durring the day, off at night. I don't believe they do a lot of eatting/drinking after dark.
I don't have silkies, but my BO's and BR's stay put once they're on the perch at night. Or, at least, the only place in the coop where there is poop is right by the perches. Since they only go into the coop at night, and since I figure a chicken poops wherever it is at the time, i figure that they stay on the perches at night.

ETA: Duh, I left off in a hurry. I meant to add that I don't think seeing in the dark is something that is important for my chickens, since they tend to stay in place at night. I'll also say that they don't have food or water in the coop at night so they really don't have a reason to move about.
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They must of had the best sleep theyve had since hatching last night. I took the heat lamp out and the temp was fine for them but it was totally dark and I didnt hear them peeping once. I peeked in a few times and they seemed to be in a coma they were sleeping so hard.

I did put their food dish a few feet from them just in case and a little night light at a distance for them too but it didnt seem to make much of a difference.

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