Do black east indie eggs look like cayuga?


8 Years
Jul 24, 2011
Clovis NM
Just read a discription that seemed similar. I was considering getting cayugas this spring for the black/grey eggs but if the indies lay the same color in a smaller package that would be perfect! Does anyone have pictures?
Does anyone else have photos of Cayuga and/or Black East Indie eggs? I am curious to see more if you don't mind posting them.
Cayugas and Black East Indies (BEI) are both black ducks with metallic green sheen. The Cayuga is a large duck breed and BEI are bantams. We've raised both breeds in the past & still have BEI. The color of the eggs we've had were basically the same. Both start out black and as the number of eggs laid increases, the egg's color decreases. They go from black, dark grey, greenish grey, to a pale grey/white color. Just like egg shape, coloring can vary from female to female.

Hope this helps. Enjoy your ducks.
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