Do chickens have an "awkard" period?


9 Years
Apr 29, 2013
When we first got our chicks, we spent time everyday with them. They always slept on us. 2 are cochins, one turned out to be Olivia to Oliver, and an EE pullet. Our EE, Harley, was a needy little one also. They've spent time recently getting accommodated with the coop and the older laying pullets, 2 do pick on them when they get close though. They are now 13 and 12 weeks, now it's hard to catch them, especially Oliver. It's like we did all that snuggling for nothing. They like to give me a hard time when I try to pick them up. Do they have a teenager phase?
Yup, they sure do. Also, some are definitely more likely to turn out tame than others. What you describe has happened to me many times.
Hi, I handled my girls a lot from 5 days old,
now at 19 weeks only 2 out of 7 like to be held or petted
the rest make such a fuss, 2 will even try to scratch me
they all like to eat out of my hand or hang out around my feet
so I just give the girls their space
I'm sorry to hear that DLV58. Too bad all that love and affection did almost nothing. Flockwatcher, I hope they turn sweet again. When do they turn out tame? My leghorns weren't liking me at all, now I can pick them up with no problem.
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This happened to me too. I handled my chicks A LOT. It seemed as soon as they were ready to go outside and had their freedom, them hated me. The sweet ones would run away and shriek. The good news is, once they have each started to lay, I can pet them or pick them up when they squat for me. All but 2 have become friendly again. Wait it out and see.
I sat down with them outside just now and put Harley on my lap and then came Gracie, the other cochin. I watched Oliver get really close to me, I offered some grass to him and then I slowly picked him up, no whining or kicking. I put him on my lap but he wanted to go back to foraging so I put him on the ground next to me, he still wanted his space.
I wonder if or when Oliver will be a sweet cockerel, he doesn't fight me, he's just skittish so maybe that will lead him to like being picked up.
And maybe be a quiet-ish rooster! He hasn't made a peep... yet. So funny that they have that "Gosh my parents annoy me!" stage!

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