Do chickens have arguments?

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    Apr 3, 2011
    Hi Everyone! So, I have two hens, a RIR and a Buff Orpington. They are about a year old now and are free range. Until recently (the past week or so), they were both were going in the coop at night. For some reason now the Orpington is roosting on our deck even though the RIR is in the coop. Any ideas why she would be doing this?
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    You need to watch and see what is going on at roost time. The RIR may be pecking the Orp. RIR have a reputation for this type of behavior. Also DO NOT let your Orp roost on the deck or anywhere but a totally enclosed safe place at night. There are many night predators from coons to owls and more that will take her. Even if you have never seen any they are there.

    If there is trouble between the hens you could put in a wire divider in the coop to make the Orp safe from the other hen.

    Hens! One of my old gals would like to throw everybody out of the coop if she could. She is currently doing time in solitary.
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    She wants the fresh air. Needed a different perch to sleep on. Something spooked her but not the RIR. Just wants to contrary. If nothing spooked her and there is nothing like mites, than she just may have lost an argument with the RIR.

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