Do Chickens have to mate daily for each egg to be fertile?

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    I have alot of questions you guys have been very helpful. This is a very active forum, thank you. A friend told me chickens have to mate every day in order for each egg to be fertile unlike wild turkeys that only have to mate once a year and all their eggs will be fertile for that season. Can you all verify this or is it not true.
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    I'm no expert, but I learn from some of the best on this site. I have read that one mating will last approx. 10-14 days. I'm sure an expert will help you. [​IMG]
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    According to the Chicken Bible, ( Storey's Guide) ,"highly productive hens remain fertile longer than hens that lay at a slower rate, and single comb breeds remain fertile longer than rose comb breeds- as long as a month, but that's pushing your luck. The average duration of fertility is about ten days."
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