Do Chicks Always "Pip" In The Egg Before They Hatch?

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8 Years
May 28, 2011
Hi All,

So this is my first experience with new born chicks. The hen has been setting for about 30 days..give or take. The eggs don't smell bad...but nothing seems to be happening! No noise or movement that I have heard or seen. Do hens ever set over 30 days and hatch healthy chicks?

Thank you. Sooooo worried!
Chicks take approximately 21 days to hatch, if the eggs have been under her for 30 days they are probably dead. Chicks pip usually on the 21 first day (pip meaning making hole in egg) because there is no longer enough air in the airsack and the chick is hot and uncomfortable and pips. It can take up to 12 hours to complete the process of getting out of the egg. If your eggs under your hen have not hatched and it has been 30 days you need to take them out. If you aren't sure on how long the eggs have been under her maybe you should try candling the egg. You can buy egg candlers, but I just use a flashligh. To candle simply and very gently hold the light to the egg where the light only goes through it. When ever you handle the egg make sure you always have clean hands because any dirt or bateria on your hands get on the egg and sucked through the pores of the egg may result in an unsuccessful hatch.
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