Do chicks get diarrhea from eating grass?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by gumpsgirl, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. gumpsgirl

    gumpsgirl Crowing

    Mar 25, 2008
    Now that my chicks have been outside all afternoon, my dad has told me to watch them because they will get diarrhea from eating the grass. It this true? [​IMG] I don't need any pasty butts!
  2. twigg

    twigg Cooped up

    Mar 2, 2008
    Quote:They shouldn't, esp. if they have access to their normal food.

    I guess any change in diet can give a temporary digestive upset, but they should make the transition ok, as the bulk of what they eat will still be the starter ration.

    Give them grit.
  3. Must Be Losing It

    Must Be Losing It Lost It

    Mar 3, 2008
    Uxbridge MA
    Don't know yet about chickens, but I can tell you my guineas do get a little loose in their bottoms when they eat grass.

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