Do cockerels typically grow faster than pullets?

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  1. I dont mean comb and wattles, etc. I mean in overall size. I have a Black Copper Marans going on 4 wks who's showing hard signs of being a cock, and is clearly bigger than the others too. Just curious if thats generally the case or he just happens to be. Do Marans grow faster?

    Thanks :) Hope everyones having a nice day
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    In many breeds the rooster will grow bigger quicker and be thicker. In some breeds they will feather out slower. The final sign will be the comb turning pink in the first two months.
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  3. It already is turning pink.that was at just over 2 wks. Thick legs too. He's not slow to feather tho.

    Thanks for the feedback. I had a feeling it was another clue.
  4. Mrs. K

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    If you have a mix of breeds in the chick flock, it might not be. But in my experience, if the bird is bigger than the contemporaries, then it is a rooster.
  5. Thanks Mrs K. Yea thats why I wondered if maybe it was a BCM. I have 2 buckeyes brooding along with him, also a Col Wyandotte, and a Welsummer brooding with them too

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