Do Coyotes Kill Raccoons?


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Apr 28, 2008
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Does anyone know if coyotesw kill raccoons? I know that they kill foxes. Around here, we have foxes, then the coyotes come, kill the foxes, move on, and the foxes come back. If coyotes kill raccoons, then I'm not too sure that I want to shoot them. It seems that it's six of one and half-a-dozen of the other.
I'd rather have the coons. Sort of like saying you want a grizzly because it keeps the salesmen off of the porch
Coyotes can clean out most small game, and HUNT your pets, not just take advantage of an opportunity like a coon will. Shoot them both just to be sure!

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Coyotes wont kill enough raccoons for you to leave them. Coyotes will choose chickens, ducks, etc... over a coon 99.99% of the time. I would definitley get rid of the coyotes before the coons any day.
Coons are extremely mean, so Coyotes will find an easier dinner if its available. Coons are also far more clever than coyotes and therefore much more likely to find a way into your coop. I'll take the coyotes over the coons any day, and I have plenty of each.
When a coyote pack gets going they do the "run". They will do this until the group has been fed. They will chase just about anything and they WILL kill your baby horses, goats, pigs, etc. Cats are on the menu as well as your smaller pooch.

Chickens are fairly safe (at night) as most will be up high or in an enclosed coop or barn.

I would be more fearful of possums and raccoons as far as the chickies go.

Coyotes and foxes are JUST about everywhere in the US, at least where one may keep chickens.
Yotes will harass coons, but it is rare that they can catch and kill an adult. Mostly it will be the young ones that they catch and kill. And if the coons are near a water source they have been known to drown dogs, coyotes and other animals that prey on them. The only exceptions to that is a cougar or a bear, but they usually get out of the way of bears.
Truer words were never spoken! A coyotes whole world revolves around opportunity. We have done jobs where yotes were snatching small dogs right off porch stairs after laying in wait for them to be let out. Also snatching small dogs on a LEASH being walked. A fairly famos tv personality has her small dog snatched off her porch while she screamed and watched the yote carry it out on the ice and go to town on it.

Even if a yote cant kill somthing it will cripple , mame or hurt it. desperate coyotes will even injur horses , cattle ect.

A coon is a formitable animal Lb for Lb that are TOUGH CUSTOMERS. The chances of a single yote catching a killing a HEALTHY adult coon have to be unbelievable. I give raccons utmost respect. they are brilliant animals and very powerful. way more then most people imagine. Ive seem them do things and thing they have done that are beyond belief. In my opinion a raccon is a bear stuck in a little body.

One of the most notable jobs ive done in 15 years was a person who decided THEY knew better then us. Coons in the attic. Well momma was still with her young and we wanted to wait to trap her instead of a live catch in the attic which is about as scary as it gets! Well they decided to chase her out with an airhorn then fix her entry point ( pink babys still in attic)

Momma came back later that night and grabbed the corner of their roof and ripped the plywood up fully nailed and shingled to get to her young. which they had removed! She then proceeded to rip apart their attic and then rip thru the sheetrock ceiling , fall into their bathroom and destroy it before we got there at 4am to snare her.

And to think .. just waiting for her to milk them untill she could go out to feed and find our nice trap with sardines would have prevented the whole thing lol it still makes chuckle lol
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That reminds me of when I was a kid visiting a good friend of the family. This guy was a union welder who grew up in back woods of WV hunting to help feed the family. Needless to say he knew what he was doing. Anyway, he showed us a live trap that he had made out of heavy gauge (1/8 inch) expanded steel an 1 inch rebar. The expanded steel was welded onto the rebar at every point, that is everywhere except where a raccoon had pealed it up like tin foil.

The Germans call them "wash bears" or "washing bears". They escaped into the wild decades ago there, and have become real problem.


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