Do ducks not poop while sitting?


Enslaved by Indoor Ducks
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Nov 20, 2008
Chicago, IL
As many of you know, i have ducks that live most of the time in my house. I have two crazy runners that are taking turns going broody, which is really weird for their breed. Currently, ming mei is sitting on a nest of unfertile eggs, maybe 8 or so. She'll sit on them the whole time shes in their pen. I let them out each night, diaper them, and let them run around the house. Ming Mei always is the last to come out, usually after Victor quacks at her to. Yesterday whe i let her out, she hoped onto the floor and pooped out the biggest ducky poop i have ever seen! It looked like the mess of a big dog! Maybe 6 inches by 2 inches? about an inch high! (sorry to be gross, lol). I was wondering if she wasn't going all day since she's sitting. And then when she finally got up, it finally came out? Anyone know how that works with ducks? lol


12 Years
Oct 18, 2007
Quote:If you ever do see pop in the ducks nest tell him to get out, he'll break the eggs.

Broodie ducks like broodie chickens will only leave the nest briefly grab something to eat/ poop, then right back to work (sitting on eggs)
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