Do ducks stop laying in the winter?


9 Years
May 10, 2010
My little Rouen female has stopped laying eggs in the last couple of weeks. She tapered off from one a day to about one every other day, then stopped completely. This is my first winter with them so I'm wondering if this is a normal thing to happen in the colder weather. She seems healthy and happy otherwise. She's about 9 months old.


Overrun with Runners
11 Years
Jan 3, 2010
Southern New England
My runners slowed way down their first year until I moved them into the basement where they were 15 to 20 degrees warmer. Then they slowly started laying more eggs again.

This year, there has been a longer eggless spell for most of them. I have cut back a bit on the protein in their feed compared to last winter, and we have introduced two new ducks into the flock. They are getting outdoors more this year than last (last year we had three feet of snow on the ground), so they aren't as warm during the day.

Put all these things together, and we get one egg a day, from one of the new girls, a Buff.

This is a long way of saying, I would not worry too much about the duck taking some time off from laying.

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