Yes, feathers will grow back. However, if you find that your rooster tears the feathers off before the hen has the chance to grow them back, you may need to help out your hens. Some make or buy a cloth "chicken saddle" which protects the hens when being mounted by the rooster. It can also be the case that a rooster is simply too aggressive, mounts certain hens too often, or doesn't have enough hens. In these cases another option would be to separate the rooster temporarily to give the hens a break.
i found it very strange since my rooster was a frizzle cochin bantam and my hens are all full sized...he could hardly mount them...but he did make some really beautiful babies
I keep a lot Cochin roosters, frizzle and smooth. They sure like to mate. I do see some feather loss on some hens during the summer. It generally doesn't cause any problems. It just doesn't look as good.

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