do hens act weird when they are going to lay


10 Years
Jun 9, 2009
our chicks are about 18 weeks old and today one of them was sorta digging a hole in the dirt and "nesting" there. When ever another chick would bother her she would peck at it. Is this chick getting readyt to lay an egg or is something wrong with it. And how do I get them to lay in their nest boxes
That's not weird it's normal. It's called "dusting" and it helps them control mites and other critters.
Get A Bag Of Play Sand (or Any Kind Of Sand Really) And Spread It Out... Mine Go Crazy! It's Funny To Watch Them. At Least With My Chickens, They All Have To 'bathe' Themselves Practically On Top Of Each Other Because They Want The Spot The Other Was In.

...silly Birds
Not only do my birds want the spot the others were in, but our one cat pushes the hens out of their hole so he can lay in it and roll around in the dirt....silly cat.

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