do hens tend to loose a lot of weight after a molt?


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3 of my 11 hens are a little over a year old, and went through their first molt this fall. I noticed last night that those girls are now much lighter, and less musculatured than the other hens right now. They have all their feathers back now, so I didn't notice until I picked them up. Is this normal? I saw some posts talking about worms or parasites, but their behavior is fine, and all my other girls are great. I don't want to medicate unless I have to. Suggestions?
Molt takes a toll on them. Keep in mind that they "look" thinner during molt without their feathers and even when feathers are first regrown. We arnt used to seeing the new feathers "tightly packed" whereas the old feathers were more worn out making them look "bigger" in size.
As long as they are eating and drinking normally, I wouldnt worry about it.
thanks! they are eating and drinking properly, but they are much thinner to the touch as well. I can feel the keel on one of them. Any suggestions to fatten them up? We've got brutal winters

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