Do I get purebred Pilgrims or Pilgrim/Toulouse Mix


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12 Years
Oct 14, 2007
Catawba, SC
I am wondering if anyone would see a benefit to one or the other. I have found a person locally that would have Pilgrim/Toulouse mix goslings available in probably just over a month. He said they just started laying. I could even get a couple of pairs of adults from him right now, although I was leaning towards goslings. He said they were calm and gentle. Or do I spend the extra money for purebred ones, getting them in the mail? Would goslings or adults be better to get for that matter? Any ideas/comments? Either way, I would be putting them in my exisiting duck pen. Would there be any concerns of one getting the other sick from anything? I do have a stubborn mouse living under my duck pool, that I can't seem to get rid of. Thank you for listening.

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