Do I have a broody hen?

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10 Years
Jun 3, 2009
Rochester, NY
My Rhode Island Red seems to have stopped laying all together. At first I didn't realize it, because I only have 3 hens, and the Barred Rock, who is younger, also lays brown eggs. I noticed that I only got one brown egg a day, but I just assumed the Rock was not "up to speed."

But now that I'm paying more attention, I see that the RIR sits on the nest several times a day, for a half hour or so. But there is never an egg. And there is no clutch of eggs there to incubate. She is reluctant to get off when the other girls want to get on.

But she doesn't display classic broody behaviors, based on what I've read. She eats fine, loves to free range around the yard, and definitely doesn't stay on the nest all day. She seems perfectly healthy.

Any suggestions for this newbie?


(ps I will be away from the forums for a few days, but please post your suggestions, and I will check back in a few!)
Make sure she isnt eggbound
Hmmm..she doesn't have any symptoms of being eggbound (again based on what I have read here on the forums)....perfectly energetic, eating fine.

FWIW, my partner says she had a huge poop today, and she appears to be in the nest box tonight, rather than on the roost.

Both signs I read elsewhere of broodiness....looks like I need to search for a solution to that now!

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