Do I have a coop problem?


11 Years
Apr 15, 2008
My students and I built a chicken coop in the school courtyard. It looks great, well-done, etc. However, we found out afterward that there is a security light that comes on just before dark that lights the whole courtyard.
The coop itself is dark enough, but will they go into it if the courtyard never gets dark?
I am suddenly nervous that the chickens won't put themselves to sleep.
Please advise
Yes! They will go in! We have a yard light that comes at at night right near the coop that I did not take into account when building, but they still go in at dusk. No issue. You and your students will enjoy the new endeavor! Congrats and thank you for introducing something so rewarding to them.
I know for a fact that the solar lights in the dog run will somewhat hit the coop area on the side where the vent is. I put a night light in the bathroom with them to get them used to sleeping with that light. I'm hoping my train of thought works.
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