Do I have enough space to add some now?


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Jun 30, 2012
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Chicken Math has taken hold. I desperately want to get a few more chickens. We currently have two hens and two ducks. I found what I think is a good deal on three 6-month old lavender orpingtons, and I want them. Here's the deal..
We are working on building a larger coop. It is over 7 ft wide by over 13 ft long, which I understand to be a nice size for up to 22 chickens at 4 sqft per bird. However, it's not done yet!

Our current setup is not what I would consider typical as it seems most people have a closed coop that attaches to a run. Our property came with a run that is almost 8ft by almost 17ft. Inside of it is a small, simple coop that measures 2'9" by 4'5" not including the 4 nest boxes that would add to the 2'9" if counted. There is also what appears to be maybe a rabbit hutch? I haven't got measurements on it but I suppose it could serve as an additional nest box if there weren't room.

What I would like to know, is if I could get away with adding three chickens to my flock before the completion of my new coop. It will be another week or two before the coop is move-in ready. I could add more roosts to my current run (right now the ducks both sleep in one nest box, and the chickens roost on top of the coop. Do you think this is doable, or will it stress everyone out too much?

I forgot to add, I do let them free range for 1-2 hours in the evening every day. I can't have them out much more than that right now because I have 5 dogs and I worry about hawks so I like to be right there watching them when they are out. Eventually we will make the run much bigger, as well.
I don't see any problems with adding the three new ones.
Especially now that it's getting a bit chilly out.
I free range my birds and they all live in different coops at night.
I have some (about 12 juveniles) caged up in a large dog crate at night; no coop at all.
They're outside in the pole barn in the crate and they keep each other warm.
In the morning I let them out.

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