:( Do i have to get rid of all my chickens and ducks :(( PLEASE HELP!

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    Jun 17, 2011
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    I live in California los angeles county. I have 10 chickens and ducks total and 1 rooster. I searched online and it saids that i can have chickens. But only 1 rooster. I got a letter from county, neighbor complaint probably saying i have to get rid of it all. Can i argue with that? Please help [​IMG] i put lots of time and money and they just started laying eggs. And now i need to give it away [​IMG]

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    Sadly to say this but I dont think you'd be able to keep them. [​IMG]

    40.03-Exceptions page 19
    (b)-No person shall keep any rabbit, hare, chicken, rooster, gamecock,
    turkey, guineahen, peacock, goose, duck, pheasant or other fowl
    (except pigeons) closer than the following distances:
    1. Within 20 feet of the dwelling or residence of the owner of
    said animals or poultry.
    2. Within 35 feet of any other dwelling, residence or living
    quarters provided that any crowing rooster, gamecock, turkey,
    guineahen, peacock, goose, duck or other fowl capable of loud crowing
    or like noise, shall not be kept within 100 feet of any dwelling,
    residence or living quarters of persons other than their owner.
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  3. Obyli

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    Jun 17, 2011
    California Torrance
    They said that i don't live in argucultural zone....i can't keep it. [​IMG]((((((((((((
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    Mar 6, 2011
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    Well, Los Angeles COUNTY does not seem to allow chickens in residential zones, which is crazy, because you can have eagles and hawks!

    Check this out.

    10.28.060 License--Required for certain activities and animals--certain animals exempt.

    Any person, including a new owner of an existing organization or business, shall not conduct or operate any animal facility listed in Section 10.90.010, or keep any wild animal, within the unincorporated area of Los Angeles, without first obtaining a license from the department, except as otherwise provided in this Section 10.28.060. Any person who has not applied for a license within 30 days after the expiration date of a license must obtain a new license, in place of a renewal license. A license is not required for the keeping of the following animals for personal use:
    1. Canaries;
    2. Chinchillas;
    3. Chipmunks;
    4. Finches;
    5. Gopher snakes;
    6. Guinea pigs;
    7. Hamsters;
    8. Hawks;
    9. King snakes;
    10. Marmoset monkeys;
    11. Mynah birds;
    12. Parrots, parakeets, amazons, cockatiels, cockatoos, lories, lorikeets, love birds, macaws, and similar birds of the psittacine family;
    13. Pigeons;
    14. Ravens;
    15. Squirrel monkeys;
    16. Steppe eagles;
    17. Toucans;
    18. Turtles;
    19. White doves;
    20. Tropical fish excluding caribe;
    21. Domesticated mice and rats. (Ord. 2011-0011 § 5, 2011: Ord. 2009-0017 § 14, 2009: Ord. 2004-0036 § 12, 2004.)
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    The second post lists code for the CITY of Los Angeles; if you live in Los Angeles COUNTY, there will be different ordinances/codes. The 4th post is referring to animal facilities. You need to check animal ordinances and permitted uses for your zoning.
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    Quote:Agreed, and once you have clearly identified the area that pertains to your zoning then you need to read it sentence by sentence and analyze what is being said and the intent of the words. This MIGHT give you grounds to approach the zoning appeals people and get a variance or special use permit.

    When we started with poultry long ago we were concerned about our neighbors quality of life so, initially, we kept the flock very small and limited those that make a lot of noise. One day a neighbor set up a bow and arrow range with the target on our property line so that missed shots flew into the yard. I questioned him about moving the target and the next day he filed a complaint against our chickens with the township. Analysis of the ordinance, which stated that our property was too small, indicated that they were objecting to a FARM being run on property under 5 acres. At that time we had 3 acres. We approached zoning with the argument that we were not running a farm and that our small flock consisted of pet chickens and geese, not livestock. We were heavily questioned but persisted with a calm argument and eventually won the day.

    The following week our good neighbor awoke for the first time to the sound of our new rooster.

    True story.
  7. ladykittydeana

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    Feb 18, 2013
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    I believe, if you have had a smaller amount of chickens, and minus the rooster, you probably could have kept them. It's the Rooster that people will complain about.

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