Do I have two hens laying now?


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8 Years
Sep 20, 2011
I found an egg in a new nest box today. I have only one hen laying and she has layed her eggs in the bottom far left nest box. Today the egg was in the top far right box. The egg is a little lighter in color, the only other hen showing signs of laying is an EE she has been squatting the past week. What does everyone think, same hen or do I now have two laying hens. Lucille has layed an egg the past three days and I figured she would take today off. Oh and Lucille has only ever made a nest in that one box, there are three nests made today.
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One way to tell if a hen is laying is to hold her so her butt is facing front wards. The put you two fingers between her pelvic bones. This is near the vent. If you can fit two fingers between those "pointy" bones then she is most likely laying. If only one finger fits then she probably is not.

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Sourland ,Yes I know
I just am so egg cited I want more hens to lay already
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