do I help it out or not? update!


9 Years
Mar 19, 2014
Genesee County
This egg has been pipped for 36 hours our so and the little beak is out of the shell the whole time. Baby is peeping and struggling. I'm keeping humidity up, its at 80 percent relative. I'm afraid it may be shrink wrapped or got knocked by the early Hatcher.


While I was out of the room it allegedly made a miraculous effort and hatched the rest of the way.

My fool of a husband then opened the incubator for the third time today long enough to clean out the shells. He didn't like how the temp dropped so he plugged the vent holes.

Now the humidity is dropping and the temp is low. I want to strangle him. I explained lockdown to him over and over but he won't listen to me. I hope he hasn't ruined everything now.
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Thanks. If it isn't out by the afternoon tomorrow I'll prepare to break the air cell area a bit. Its like the duckling is trying to break the egg open the long way. His head keeps jerking up and not getting any further.
After 36 hours I would intervene but that is just me. I would chip away a the shell but not below the air pocket. I had a shrink wrapped frizzle bantam she made it but man o man it was rough. I had to use a qtip w warm water to help her out of her shrink wrap but it took chipping away and wrapping in a warm moist paper towel and back in the bator a few times. I am in no way an expert but this is just what I have done. Esp if the membrane is brown and getting leathery.
Ugh. I can't leave them alone for a minute

The baby can't stand and is curled in on itself. The area near his tail, below the stomach is very round. His legs just stick out. I'm hoping everything gets back up quickly because another egg is on the way to finish hatching. I've threatened everyone not to touch the incubator again until after everything is over on Sunday.
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It takes a bit they are very tired. Did it hatch on its own? They down really stand w out falling over for hours.

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