Do I need a drake?


May 9, 2020
Northern NJ
I'm totally new to all this...and I ordered 3 ducklings to arrive on July 29. My question is this, today, somewhere I read that the females can get depressed without a mate? Is this accurate? I was hoping to have them for eggs, not to breed, so I didn't want to order a drake, but if it's needed for their health, I'm still far enough away from delivery I can order a bouncing (flapping?) baby boy as well... I don't know if it makes a difference, but I am getting a Buff , Cayuga, and a Pekin. Thanks so much guys!


Free Ranging
May 13, 2018
Great! Thank you guys! So no boys allowed it is 😂 3 is a good number, or should I have ordered more? Since I'm just starting out, I didn't want to go with too many. I was thinking maybe next Spring I may do 3 more, if everything went well.

I have 3 hens, and it is the perfect number to start with, not too many to keep clean, and even if one passes away, the other two will have each other.

My flock is hen-only. Occasionally, I nearly convince myself to get a drake, usually early in the mating season when the girls seem desperate for love. However, I always decide to keep things as they are.

I do want to give you a heads up that your hens will absolutely have an active sex life with each other if there is no drake around, but it’s nothing to be concerned about as long as everyone seems happy!


Mar 18, 2020
to be honest keeping a rooster would be better than a drake since theyre not as rough when mounting but still have the same problems but at a lesser level except the rooster would probably want chickens too

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