do I need a ladder?

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    My new coop came in and the roosts are lower than the nest boxes, so after reading BYC I am going to raise it higher to 44 inches, do they need a ladder? I have four birds, two marans, a leghorn, a Rhode Island Red, and I getting a Delaware tomorrow, so pretty good size birds.
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    Quote:I'm going to say no, that's about three and half feet so even the heavy weights should be able to manage that.

    Don't know how big your coop is but I don't like ladders, they get in the way. They take up a lot of space, not necessarily floor space but human space. I find they always seems to be in my way.

    If they do have trouble I have used milk crates turned upside down or any type of box like that can be easily moved out of the way.
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    If they are young birds and unfamiliar with a roost a ladder may help them learn as as they get stronger, they can go higher.
    If they already know what a roost if for, I would not worry.

    A word of warning, watch out about going excessivly high with the roost as heavy birds jumping down in a confined area can get a bird injured.

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