Do I Need to Mow Before Pullets Arrive?

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  1. After many years away from chickens, I have finished converting part of our stable to a coop and have enclosed a sizeable yard. I have not mowed inside the yard area and the grass is quite long and going to seed (which I know chickens love). I won't be getting the pullets (about 14 weeks) until the first week of September. I've read some posts about there being a danger of chickens eating long grass. Looking for opinions and advice about whether I should mow or not. Thanks!
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    I think at that age they would be fine. They'll have a field day chasing bugs in the tall grass.
  3. Thanks redsoxs! I was hoping that would be the case, I wasn't relishing the thought of trying to mow it. And...GO SOX! We are part of Red Sox nation down in FL [​IMG]

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