Do I need to separate my broody hen?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by keisgarv, Mar 29, 2012.

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    My broody hen is dedicated to sitting on her eggs and doing a great job. She does get a little confused sometimes as to where her eggs are after she comes back from taking an eating/drinking/pooping break. When she leaves her nest once a day, sometimes one of the other hens will get in there to lay and she will come back and lay on some other egg in another nest that is not fertilized. Some times when I come back to check on her, her eggs have gotten a little cold and she is nestled in on some other egg. This doesn't happen every day, just every once in a while.

    should I separate her so she will always come back to her eggs? What do you think? Than she would be all alone, but I am not sure broody hens care if they are alone.

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    Mine do that all the time. If I want her to hatch the eggs, then i would seperate her from the rest. She really doesn't care if she's with the others while she is "on duty".
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    The rest of them don't even exist to a broody anyway.
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    I seperate my broody after she's been sitting for about 7 days, I put her in a large metal dog kennel that is big enough for a waterer and feeder and for her to stretch her legs and she can still see everyone but doesn't have to go far from her nest to eat and drink and when the chicks hatch they are protected

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