Do I need to stop her?


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Dec 4, 2009
Rancho Cucamonga
My cuckoo maran is broody, but I have all girls, and therefore no fertilized eggs. So, it is completely unnecessary for her to be sitting on the nest all the time. She has stopped laying and even when I have collected all the eggs from the day, she will still sit in the nest and only comes out for food and water when I force her. She also sleeps in the nest at night. And it takes much effort to get her up and actually moving around. Is this something I need to stop since there are no fertilized eggs to be hatched? Is this unhealthy for her? Will she get the picture eventually, realizing there are no babies in it for her? Or do I need to do something?
Once she has sat there for two- two and half weeks, slip some newly hatched baby hicks under her at night.... then watch her carefully.

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