Do I need to teach my chickens how to use their nest boxes?


9 Years
Feb 21, 2010
Duvall, WA
Hi All,

I've got three hens that should be starting to lay in the next month or so. I affixed their nest boxes to the wall in a nice private part of the coop, filled them with some shavings and soft hay on top, and put three golf balls in each one. I showed each one of the girls where they were but they just looked inside for 2 seconds then ran off. I can tell they've spent some time down at that end of the coop because they're molting and there are feathers all over the place but the golf balls don't seem to have been disturbed so I don't think they're getting inside. Is there anything else I need to do to teach them what they're for or will they just figure it out?

Sound like you are on top of it. If there molting, it might be awile before they start laying. You will get some floor eggs, its just what pullets do.
Thanks! Hopefully they'll get to work on laying soon, I'm getting anxious for eggs! I say they're molting because it seems like there are tons of feathers around, but actually when you look at them you really can't tell that they're losing feathers. They're certainly not all scruffy like some pics I've seen. If molting will delay them starting to lay I sure hope they're not! I want eggs ASAP
I used ping pong balls. After they got the hang of laying in the nests I would find the ping pong balls all over the coop. They must have been playing soccer or something

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