Do I need to throw away their eggs?


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On one of my new girls were mites when I got her. Took a while for me to handle her and inspect her, so no eggs from her for the past three weeks. I washed her, dried her and the next day dusted her with Permethrin powder, super concentrated, and I used a 1" paint brush to get right on her skin. Previously I had sprinkled her dust bath and floor of coop with food grade DE. I dusted my two current layers as I saw just the very start of those disgusting egg cases at the base of a few feathers by their vents.

My question is if I should toss their eggs for the next 7 days? The product itself does not say so, however I seem to recall on this board someone recommending eggs to be tossed for a week. (We keep them on a pure organic diet, even kitchen scraps.)
If I do have to toss them, is there anything I can do with them? Compost them? Or literally put them in the trash?
From my perspective, it would not be necessary to discard the eggs. Permethrin is not given to the chicken internally. It resides on the skin and feathers, so nothing would be passed through to the eggs.

I don't think you need to toss eggs either

and if you have chicks or non layers

feed it back to them as scramble egg

but don't feed to layers as the cycle starts again

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