Do I or don't I?


Sep 16, 2019
new to this wall but been around this block a few times.

Not new to poultry. Had a small hatchery. It was slowly swallowed up by bigger sellers, but the death blow came with day olds chicks and poults from a local hatchery. I was sold birds tha had salmonella E. and told to cull everything. Sunk my little business was so I cleaned and sterilized and waited 2 years before I started another small flock up. It was growing nicely when one Christmas I chose to go visit family for a few weeks, at that point I asked a fellow keeper to care for my flock, he had them at her place with her flock. Somehow her dog got in the coop and killed all my birds. Again the coops are empty almost a year now. With a stoic attitude I'm slowly thinking maybe it's time to roll into it again.

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