do i really need to bury the fence around my run?


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Jun 30, 2007
los angeles
i am making a new run for the ladies

going to use hardware cloth or 1x2 around it. it's approx 18'x6'

i live in the city proper, not even the suburbs. there aren't any skunks, racoons,
opossums, coyotes, or any other digging type predator that i can think
of that make it into my backyard. the last time i saw a racoon was about
two years ago. there isn't even anything even that makes it into my neighborhood.

the yard is surrounded by 6'-8' fence all around

who's going to dig into my run?

do i really need to bury fence around the perimeter of my run?

I live in the city and I did not bury the wire around my run. I also have a 6ft chain length fence around my property. I have dogs and cats and so far my chicks are doing fine. The only thing I will suggest you doing is covering the run.
I just lie a skirt of wire around the run. I bet you that coons are in the city and coming out when they don't see you. Last I saw one in Seattle was a year ago at night... and I walk back to the dorms every night of the week after dark. Just because you don't see them, once you put out tasty snacks, they will come. However, if you secure the coop and lock them in at night, doesn't matter if a coon digs into the run, as the girls are in the coop.

I would be more worried about that stray dog that someone too for a walk and accidentally lost and makes it way to your yard. It only takes one accident to lose them all.

I have never buried the fence around my run. I just lay the wire on the ground about 12-18 inches out from the base of the run and then bend the rest up to fasten it on the base of the run wall. (So imagine the wire in an "L" shape...part of it stapled to the bottom of the run and the rest is bent out an laying on the ground.) The grass grows up through the wire in no time, so you won't see it, and most critters tend to dig right at the base of a fence to try and get in. The wire will block them from digging (since they will be standing on part of it) and they can't dig down into the ground.

This method saves a lot of back breaking digging and even though I do live in the city as well and have racoons, we have never had a problem. (Even when I live outside of the city next to acres of woods this method kept my hens safe from racoons, possoms, coyotes, dogs, etc.).

Good luck!


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I agree with LocoYolko's method, only I run a tiller around and rake about 2 to 3 inches of soil back with width of the wire before laying the wire down and then rake the dirt back over it, and pat it down.
I buried the wire on one run but, it is much quicker just to run one strand of electric wire around the run about 4 to 6 inches off the ground. Leave it for about a month, then take it down. Once something touches it, it learns very fast that , "it hurts" and then I never have another problem.
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thanks everyone for the good advice, as always

i'ma gonna forget about burying wire for now. even a stray dog would be hard pressed to get into
my backyard. i have a gate in the driveway.

here's a picture of current project. i'm building a run for my three headed lawn destruction team.
the run will be along the length of twine on the ground and have a roof too.

...and then maybe add a few more too

I buried my run wire a foot deep, and glad that I did. My concern at the time was to prevent critters from digging in, but now I see how well chickens can dig! They have almost dug a foot down in some areas of the run, and if I didn't have the wire buried they would have escaped by now. I wish I could put them in my veggie garden as they are sure good roto-tillers, but I'm afraid they would eat my strawberry plants...

If you just leave your wire at ground level, don't be surprised one day to see they have tunneled out.

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