Do I want hay that's "limed, fertilized and weed-free" for my goats?

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    Perhaps you should look for organic hay?
    And maybe there is a mill nearby that could help you find some. We have a mill in my area that is great about helping small land-owners find others to share orders with or give information on where to find organic animal feeds. Maybe your area has something too.
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    Quote:I would love that, but don't think there's anything like that here in rural Georgia. I looked for organic chicken feed for the longest, and couldn't find any locally, either. Oregon is a bit ahead of the game in that department..., lucky you!
  3. My goats like weedy hay. I think that it needs to be a "fine" hay without too many tough stalks. I would avoid alfalfa hay, and go for something that is not as rich. I have tried Bermuda, Timothy, and Alfalfa. The hay my goats like best is Bahaia grass (I am not sure about the spelling). As long as it is not moldy or to rich, they will probably eat it and it will be good for them. If you plan on milking, what you feed your goats can affect the taste of the milk. I do not know a lot about what to feed to avoid bad tasting milk though. I would not get too hung up on looking for Organic Hay. It would probably cost more and the goats will not care.
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