Do Leghorn and their hybrids comb up quicker?


May 23, 2022
We have 2 hybrids that we believe might be leghorn crosses as they are meant to be blue egg layers. We bought them as pullets.

Now when we went to pick them up the lady explained she'd had some concerns that a couple of them were roos though she herself bought them sexed as pullets.

She picked out a few for me to choose from and she felt confident they were pullets but I can return if not the problem is I've travelled some distance to get these and with fuel prices as they are $8 approx (£1.95 per litre) I don't want to have to take them back!

I've already got one Roo that will have to go back to another place soon :(

Anyway, the combs on these are pronounced but they were on all the white chicks (there were Marans in the brooder too) probably 50 or more.

The combs are still yellow and no reddening yet but they are young still...only 4 weeks but if I have to take them back I want to do it sooner rather than later.

They are both skittish and there has been no Roo behaviour from either of them. The one with the smaller comb is friendlier but both are super nervous still bless them.


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The short answer is yes. But that is true of most Mediterranean breeds. Back when I had about 20 or so breeds at the same time, I posted a picture of some of my birds on our local chicken meetup group forum and a guy asked me what breed the black and white speckled rooster was. It was an Ancona pullet. I now raise exclusively Penedesencas and usually by 3 weeks, I can sex them because the combs develop so fast. At 4 weeks, your combs could be on a par with the pullets I have the same age.
Thank you both, I probably wouldn't be so concerned if she hadn't of said anything about roos coming back already but then I figured they must look different to the ones in the brooder and they all had combs like this.

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