Do marans take longer to hatch?


13 Years
Jun 12, 2009
Fayetteville, GA
I was just wondering if marans take longer to hatch than others? I know I had white leghorns that all hatched a day early than all others in the bator, so I am sure breeds do different things. Just curious, as I'm going on day 22 tomorrow.
I stopped hatching marans with my other breeds because they always take longer, sometimes 2 days. My rocks tend to hatch early anyway, so it would give me a really long hatch.
Let them ride... Some strains do.... I wouldn't give up on them till they ran a week over and then I would still float test one.
Americaunas will hatch first... and the rules are double for you.. YOu have to have an exit strategy if you marans hatch to much later than the americaunas because they can't survive in the bator till the others hatch.. (bathroom and run the shower to stabilize temp/humidity) this requires thinking ahead... extra hydrometer

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