Do Muscovy ducks fly??


5 Years
Jun 30, 2014
So I'm considering getting a few ducks for meat. Someone happens to be selling some Muscovy's and so I started researching them and think they are perfect for us. Then I realized...wait, they are ducks, so they probably on earth do I keep them on my property?! Because with my luck dinner will be flying away, lol
Okie dokie! Is there a video that you can recommend on how to properly clip wings? I have absolutely no idea on how to properly do it and would hate to hurt them.
I think my notifications may be getting squirrelly.... I believe there is a video, let me look around.

@Miss Lydia do you have the link to the wing clipping video, or is there a tutorial, I think I remember there is one on BYC somewhere.
I like this one too.

Hi there! My 2 cents, fwiw - My breeding pair are unaltered, free range in the warmer months & haven't flown away in over 2 years. The drake is lucky if he can get more than one foot off the ground. He's a big, heavy guy! It helps to keep them penned for about 2 weeks when you first get them. They need to learn where home is & where the food is at. Also helps to have a forest of tall trees bordering the cleared areas. My ducks have it so good, they have no reason to leave!
Love my muscovies!
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the ones that you will be slaughtering will not fly away. they dont develop their wings and flight muscles until almost 3 mos old. which is when you will likely slaughter (unless you want to eat ducks with no breast meat or waste feed on ducks with dramatically slowed growth rate).

we thought about clipping our breeders, but decided not to in case they needed to escape a dog or something. turns out they dont really go anywhere anyway. the adolescents tend to go through a wandering period that they outgrow. so its not something that we have to routinely worry about, unless raising up new breeders (ie, every several years, or even less often).

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