Do setting hens need 14 hrs light?


10 Years
Dec 31, 2009
Hello to all you knowledgable chicken lovers. I am a newbee. This is my first experience with a broody hen setting in the fall. I live in Ohio so the days are really getting shorter fast.
I just began providing my flock of 10 hens/1 roo with 14 hrs of light. It worked great last winter (my first winter with chickens) and they laid eggs all winter.
I just moved my setting hen to her own private horse stall and I wanted to know if the setting hen likes it dark or light?? I can easily set the timer for the lights in the stall for her I just didn't know if the shortening days effect the hens who are setting?
Thanks in advance for all the help. I love this place, it is entertaining and you all are soooo smart. I have learned alot here.
11 hens/1 roo, 14 guineas, 6 rescued dogs (3 are registered therapy dogs), 6 horses, 1 pony
yep, it's the funny farm
i had two silkie sisters set back to back in january. so i dont think light affected them. it was snowing on the day the eggs were hatching. they do like privacy. they did well with there chickies.

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