Do some breeds take longer to hatch?

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  1. I was specifically wondering about the bantam cochins. I thought I read a thread that mentioned this but can't find it right now. Seems like someone said it's not unusual for them to hatch day 22-23.
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    "I hatched 11 out of 13 fertile twice this spring from standard cochin. Actualy 12 out of 13 in the second hatch but one baby was born with a nerv problem and had to be put down. If it is your own hens you need to cut the butt-duns and feathers around the opening very short to allow proper mating. I also learned from other breaders that they tend to hatch late. My first hatch hatched during day 22 and 23 butpartially because we had an electricity outage in the middle of the incubation. The second time all my own eggs hatched on day 21 but the eight eggs I bought with blue standard cochin hatched on day 22."

    I found this when i typed late hatching into the search. Is it what you were looking for? Here is the thread Index>>Incubating and Hatching Eggs>> Cochin hatchability. It was by "VanSintJan" I think.​
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    Some breeds or rather some strains can be early or late. As early as 19 as late as 23. Ideally though, 21 is the aim point and early and late hatches are usually caused by something up with temps during incubation or age of eggs prior.

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