Do Some Mixed Breeds Not Lay Eggs? Hyper Aggressive Hens!


Mar 12, 2020
Northern Maine
I have some mixed breed hens, Golden Laced Sebright/Silver Duckwing OEGB. They are 7 months old. I have locked them in the coop for two days two weeks back and found no eggs from them. Right now it is becoming winter so I do not expect them to lay eggs anytime soon. They seem to have a behavioral problem which I was just going to make a thread about today but hey, why not kill two birds with one stone?
The two are very hostile to one another. When they were 5 months old I picked them up with different hands and Sugar grabbed onto Cream's neck feather and just shook it like crazy. Cream was also very very submissive to Sugar and never bit her. Forward to present time and Cream's tiny little black/pink comb is bigger and redder than Sugar's comb. Now Cream grabs onto Sugar's neck feathers and shakes like crazy. Sugar is now very submissive to Cream. They never hurt the other chickens, just each other and they sleep on different sides of the coop. Is this the problem? Also why are they like this? These hen and roos that came from the same clutch are very flighty and tree bound.
Do you have pictures? Are you sure it is two hens and not roosters?
I have pictures of them from 1 month ago but not recent.



And this is one of their brothers

They were fidgety so I couldn't get great pictures.

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