Do we have to wait before we eat them?

Sugar Creek Chickens

8 Years
May 28, 2011
I butchered 25 years ago on the family farm tomorrow we are going to butcher 2 of our birds, just surfing the posts is making me ask do you need to let them rest a day? I know we like to brine our chicken before we cook it - even the store chicken. But whats up with resting. I was going to butcher Monday morning and eat them Monday night should we butcher Sunday afternoon (when my wife is home from work (welcome home honey)) and then eat them Monday? And whats up with using gloves? I bet my wife will want to do that.
They should be rested 2-3 days to let the muscles relax from rigor mortis. Some eat right away though. The meat is just a lot chewier if you cook right away.
My butcher said the same thing as galanie said. Let them rest in the fridge.
rivers2011- I always put my chickens, ducks , etc. in a plastic bag or wrapped in plastic after they cool down a little and let them stay that way for 2-3 days then either cook or freeze them.

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