Do wind spinners work to scare hawks?

Oh, drat
CD's dont work, unless maybe you had a hundred of them! I had about 10 hanging from the trees and bushes but the last hawk kill I had was right under the CD, on a sunny day. Please don't fall into that false sense of security.
I just had an issue with a Juvie red-tailed hawk that found an easy meal while learning to hunt. It killed two of my hens within 1 week. So after a little reserach I ended up stringing 1100 feet of vinyl coated clothesline in a spiderweb formation and then I tied hundreds of colored flagging (orange, pink & yellow since hawks see color) onto the clothesline. It looks like a 3-ring circus in the run (it has no top). I also purchased a 3-d almost life-like coyote decoy that I move around 1 - 2x daily. There is constant movement and activity in the run now that the flagging is blowing, the clotheline is strung within 4 -5 of each other and Bolt the coyote is on duty. No deaths for several weeks now...

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