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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by crayon, Aug 18, 2011.

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    Jun 7, 2011
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    I am typically not a complainer- but I got a batch of 12 chicks on July 20th from a known hatchery. Hummmmm..... I lost one about 20 min after shipping- he was a goner from the start... poor fella.

    I lost one within 48 hours and then another at about 7-10 days.

    I have one chick that I swear has to have a dwarf gene- she is beyond tinny- lively and healthy- but my RIRs can now walk right over her and her not even get touched.

    Then I got the wrong chick. I had ordered another (clearly different) color of the breed I had received. I had ordered a Golden Laced Polish, got a Silver Laced Polish..

    It just seems like a lot for 12 chickens- now down to 9.

    My first batch of 10 chicks were zero issues. Got what I ordered, down to the roosters. Only lost one at 7 weeks cuz the dog- who has now become friends with the chickens! "Chickens are FRIENDS NOT FOOD".... That and now they are old enough to peck him - so he stays away.

    Does this seem excessive for issues? I feel like the batch I first got were healthier, and better over all healthy. I am sure they were from a hatchery, as I picked them up at the feed store and they had maybe 300 boxes full of chicks during pick up day!

    Is this typical with mailed birds?

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    The feed store did buy from a hatchery. Bet you didn't see the DOA's of their shipped chicks, or those not doing so well at arrival. Shipping chicks during this extreme heat is less than favorable, you run the risk of the chicks over heating and dieing. Hatchery birds are great backyard egg layers, but are typically not to breed standard, so having one be tiny can happen. I would guess you may have clicked you would accept a substitute when you ordered. The Goldlaced didn't have a good hatch so you got a silver in it's place.

    Even hatching your own eggs, there are deaths, hatch issues and the like to contend with. Sounds like you have a good group left from the shipped chicks.

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    Jun 7, 2011
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    Thanks Shellie!

    Yeah the heat was horrid that week- and the following week. So I figured the loss was linked to that. I would think you are quite correct I didn't see the DOA or the weak chicks from the feed store. They were for sure hatchery chicks- but yeah they hid the sick and dead well!

    So- basically this is normal for a hatchery? All good then.

    Is there a real difference from a hatchery to a breeder? Maybe I should ask that question.

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    Aug 3, 2011
    We hatch our own just have momma sit onher eggs and check in around day 19 as they are bantams and so far have hatched 3 batches of chicks :
    1st batch 4 out of 6 Hatched and one died within hours then a second at 3 weeks seemingly for no reason then momma killed another at 5 weeks [​IMG] my one healthy chick turned out to be a roo so had to go..
    2cnd again 4 out of 6 mom attacked one so she lives indoors with me, one passed at 4 days and the other 2 are happy so far at 2 weeks [​IMG]
    3rd 3 out of 6 2 healthy polish at 2 weeks and one died within hours.

    It would seem when it comes to hatching their are almost always losses and as sad as it is we just have to get on and love the fluffy lil chick shaped miracles that get through it all [​IMG] Hope you enjoy your chicks xxxx
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    Your losses are about normal, yes. Even compared to hen-hatched and raised chicks.

    We all expect every hatchling to be a survivor and thrive, but it just doesn't always work that way. It's also perfectly normal to be disappointed ... And grump about it. Just a tad, for just a little bit. Then move on to lavish love and attention on the chicks which do survive and thrive.

    Enjoy your chicks!

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