Do you have to wait one week for temp change

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by eggcited2, Jun 14, 2011.

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    I know you are supposed to change the temp of the heat lamp that is on chicks. All that I have read says to start at around 95 and lower it 5 degrees each week until down to 70 and then remove the heat lamp.

    I got my chicks on a Thursday (June 2) and started them out at the 95 degrees, and lowered it to 90 degrees last Thursday, June. 9.

    When I very first got them they huddled directly under the lamp, then about mid week, were as far away as possible. When I lowered the temp last Thursday, they once again huddled directly under it. Now they are as far away as possible.

    According to what I have read and been told, I should not change it until this coming Thursday, June. 16.

    But if they are staying as far away from it as they can get, do I really need to wait till Thursday??? If they are acting too hot, what do you do?

    They are in a full size bathtub (not the metal kind, but the fiberglass kind). They have 2-3 inches of pine shavings, so well off the floor of the tub. The heat lamp is totally at one end of the tub and they are all the way at the other end of the tub. They hate to get any closer to the heat lamp.

    I have a red bulb and it is a normal brooder lamp, and brooder bulb. I have checked the temp over and over with a thermometer and the temp is not getting hotter. I put the thermometer at the floor/bedding level directly under the bulb, for my temp reading.
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    Trust their behavior more than a thermometer. Go ahead and raise your lamp (or decrease bulb wattage).
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    I know the rule of thumb, but I've never had a chick that even as a day old preferred it over 85 or so.

    No, you don't have to wait a week. Watch your chicks, not the thermometer. Huddled close, peeping loudly, they are cold. Spread out as far from the heat source as possible, holding their little wings out and panting, too hot.

    I've taken chicks brooded outside off the heat lamp during the day at 2 1/2 weeks old, when the weather dictated.
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    Quote:I agree. I usually keep my temp initially between 90 and 95 and have the lamp off to one side so they can have heat but also find their comfort zone. If the temp goes a little below 90 I don't worry. If they are at the edge of the brooder as far away from the lamp as they can get I will raise up the lamp. Good luck and have fun!!! [​IMG] [​IMG]

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