do you need an older chicken to teach them how to lay eggs?


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May 29, 2012
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I have 4 barred rock, 1 polish that is 12 weeks old and 3 leghorns that are 6 weeks old. When it becomes time for them to lay eggs, do I need an older hen to teach them to use the boxes? or is it totally a natural thing. The leghorns are haning out in the nesting boxes instead of the roost and I hear that is not a good thing. Suggestions?
Don't give them access to nesting boxes UNTIL they start to lay eggs, cause younger birds will just use them to sleep and poop in. Once you see an egg, open those nest boxes up, put a nice little bed of straw or shavings in there for them, and maybe a golf ball or a fake egg from the craft store to show them that is where eggs go.

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