do you put chick grit in your brooder box ?

Most chick starters already have chick grit as part of the mix. If you're using a commercially bought chick starter, like DuMor or Purina, you don't need chick grit until the chicks are about 8 weeks old. If you're going to let them forage around, though, some chick grit wouldn't be bad. Just make sure it's for chicks (tinier pieces) than for full-sized birds!
No need if all you're going to use is milled feed such as chick starter. It's already finely ground so does not need grit.

I only give my chicks grit if I'm going to feed them something that I'd need to chew with my teeth if I were going to eat it. Chick starter is essentially dry mush.
I put a cake pan full of course construction sand in the brooder. They love it even if they do not "need" it yet. They appear to thouroughly enjoy scratching around and even dust bathing in it. Less than $3 for a 50lb bag.

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