Do you think my hen is laying elsewhere?

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Jan 18, 2011
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I have an Old English Game Bird Bantam. After I got her she started laying. She was laying every other day for a while. Then she caught some type of respiratory infection.
She got locked out the coop one night in the rain. Uncertain what to do, I gave her 3 days of injections of Tylan 50. She cleared up but stopped laying. I wasn't surprised because she was sick. Recently I found one of her eggs in the nest box. That was about 1 week and a half ago. I haven't found one since. I know they are hers because of my 7 chickens only the OEBG and the Maran are laying. So my question is 3 fold. a. Can I eat the egg that she gave me a week and a half ago... it's been a month since those Tylan injections? b. Is it possible that she is laying somewhere beside the nest box? She does tend to diappear. c. If she is how would I go about finding it?
I am not sure about question a...but as for questions b and c - if she is free range then absolutely she might be laying elsewhere. We had several decide to lay in a very overgrown clump of palms last year. My husband figured it out because he noticed some of the girls disappearing in there every so often (one at a time). We collected the eggs from there and put fake eggs in the nest. Then we kept them in for a few days. This solved the problem, although it did take a second round of keeping in for a few days, so maybe a week at the get go would have been better.
Not familiar with Tylan, My girls are not laying now, Molting and 3 of them got into a fight with a neighbors dog and haven't layed since!! One of them is cripled and may never lay I know that the vet told me they would probably stop do to the trauma, well it's been 2 weeks! so hang in there.
I just found a treasure trove of eggs from 2 of my hens that I knew where probably laying, but couldn't find them. I found 7 light brown eggs from one hen and 4 green eggs from an Americanaus mix hen. I had recently moved them to another coop and they free range during the day with lots of potential hiding spots. I found the clutch before dark today, marked all of them and put them in a few nesting boxes back in their new coop. I don't know if this will entice them to lay their next eggs in the same spot, but at least I know where they have been laying to collect them.
I also am hoping that the 2 silkie hens in that pen will go broody and hatch some these eggs. I am a hopeless newbie, but I can't argue with the chicken match addiction! someone help me!!!!!
I have an update!!!

My OEGB is laying elsewhere. I have a giant berumuda bush in the corner of the yard. She didn't come back to roost (again) and today I went hunting. I was guesing that would be the only place for her really. She popped out of the middle of the bush! The bush is a monstrosity! I am going to go in there and hack it down and take out Gosh knows how many eggs! Crazy dang bird!
Gotta love those sneaky chickens. I once found a hidden nest with 17 eggs in it.
The dogs feasted well that week.

Tylan withdrawal time is one day after the last dose. So after a day your eggs should be safe to eat.

Good luck.

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