Do you think these are OEGB??


10 Years
May 4, 2012
Keller, VA
I try to stay away from OEGB .I don't particularly care for them, but I do know that other people do and that is fine with me.
When I bought my new chicks I took all of the ones that had feathered feet and only the ones I could ID that were clean sebrights.
Then I went back the store to take a White-faced Black Spanish bantam roo to a friend that works there and of course they had to have new bantams in!!! There were some left over from the batch that I didn't buy the last time so I bought the 1 we had decided not to take before. Then of course there were the others I hadn't taken that I was afraid might be OEGB.
Really wanting Japanese or Dutch gave in and of course bought 4 iffys and a really pretty Cochin I liked that had just come in ....all bantams .Any early guesses on these 4 iffy clean legged chicks??


3. The one on the left...


4 again...
I'm not sure on the breed, but they are sure cute! It is certainly a possibliity that they are OEG. TSC seems to sell a lot of them.
The chipmunk colored one could possibly be a silver duckwing oegb. That's exactly what mine look like as chicks and the wing color match so far. They're gorgeous as adults. :)
I think hatcheries must hatch an awfully lot of OEGB. I have only ordered chicks from 2 hatcheries but every time they have substituted chicks that weren't available, or in mixed bantams...they were mostly OEGB. The only place besides the SS that I get my chicks from is 50 miles away and is a TSC, but I don't even know for sure they get chicks at all.
I was afraid they might be OEGB but thought it might be worth a chance. The Farm Swap is at our SS at the end of Sept and I had planned to take the ones I ended up with (after deciding which ones I wanted to keep) to sell there. I am also taking a few of my laying hens as I ordered "cherry-eggers" (or whatever they are because I was told conflicting answers by the hatchery) and am keeping them instead as soon as they start laying. They are now 5 1/2 months old and if they aren't laying by then, I will wait and sell my other hens on Craigs List.
I also had 1 last year that looked pretty much like #3 and and it was a silver duckwing OEGB. I sold it! LOL!

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